Spa Packages

Spa Indulgence (2.5 hours)


Want to indulge simply because you deserve it? This package includes a manicure, pedicure and relaxing 30 minute massage.

New You (2.5 hours)


Come in and feel revitalized with our "New You" spa package. Your stressful day will melt away with our exfoliating body salt polish, a facial customized to your personal skin type and a 30 minute massage.


Facial (1 hour)


Close your eyes, rest and relax. Each facial is one hour in length and customized to your personal skin type.

Body Therapy

Back Treatment (1hour)


Deep cleansing and exfoliation followed by a soothing massage and nourishment for your skin.

Body Salt Scrub (1 hour)


A highly moisturizing exfoliation treatment to revive sensitive dehydrated skin.

Body Wrap (1.5 hours)


Surround yourself in warmth and serenity as your skin is detoxified in a body sugar glow then rematerialized and hydrated.

Relaxation Massage

Deep relaxation with aromatherapy will ensure this will treat your spirit as well as your body.

30 minute Relaxation Massage


45 minute Relaxation Massage


60 minute Relaxation Massage


Hot Stone Massage


Back Treatment, Body Scrub and Massage

Relaxation Massage

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